Hello, we are Twisto.

Credit account that simplifies online shopping and payments.
Buy now and pay next month.

Simple buying with deferred payment

Twisto lets you make purchases today and pay for it the next month. Don’t stress yourself with payments even if you don’t have enough money in your bank account.

How can I use Twisto
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Simple online payments

Shop online with just one click and pay only after you have received the goods. As simple as that. Explore our list of online stores.

How Twisto Now works (0:33)


Twisto card Coming soon

Instant payment notifications and automatic transaction categorization within the Twisto mobile app.

Your partner for shopping and payments

Buy today, pay for it the next month After registration Twisto will set your credit limit. Over the course of an entire month, we pay all your purchases. Then we send you a single invoice, which you can either pay in full or defer for several months.

Purchase protection for buyers With Twisto you pay all your purchases only after you receive the goods. We will help you with your complaints in case the merchant sends you something different than you ordered.

Create an account in less than 7 minutes You can create your own Twisto account within a few minutes. It’s free, paperless and without any ties. Create Twisto account now.

Way to handle unexpected expenses If you cannot pay the full amount, you can pay only 10% and defer the rest to the next month. You pay 5 CZK fee for every postponed 100 CZK.

How much does Twisto cost

Create account, it’s FREE

You can create your Twisto account in less than 7 minutes completely online. No hidden fees or commitments.

Monthly fee FREE

Up to 45 days interest free period, mobile app, Twisto Snap and all other great freatures are free.

Online purchases FREE

Deferred payment in e-shops is free if you pay within the next month before the due date.

Extend due date for a small fee

You can postpone your date due for a month. You pay 5 CZK fee for every postponed 100 CZK.